Saturday, 1 October 2011

The only reference point

Wherever we go we are local to where we are. That locality is vast enough to contain everything that is - which is whatever is being experienced first hand. The idea that there is a big word out there may or may not be true - it's just an idea, or speculation (handed over through external, secondhand sources, ie. people, books, TV, media, etc). 

Hence the directly known universe - the local universe - is the only universe. Your reference point is the only reference point. When you die, it's the end of everything. The world does not continue. 
Consciousness, reality, the universe, will crumble away back into the void. 

But the beautiful thing about this is, there are actually 7 billion reference points, and each of them is the only reference point. It's one of the paradoxless-paradoxes, both things are true a the same time.

However - there is no projecting out or looking in. Internal and external don't appear to be mutually exclusive. Everything that IS, is right here and now, yes? Nothing can be separate from it. Therefore the thought of some entity - either projecting or experiencing - would be outside the known universe, and also just that - a thought.

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