Saturday, 1 October 2011


An example of an interpretation of something that might said to be "unreal" is misidentification (eg. self). But this is the nature of thought. Whatever is directly known is reality, it's when thought and words and labels and descriptions come into play that it stops being that thing - the moment is gone and cannot be remanufactured. This is because thoughts/words/descriptions are relaying information second hand, and although the can point to something, they are not the thing itself.
THIS IS IT. This is truth, reality, it cannot be anything else. We have never known or experienced anything else whatsoever. How could we? This is all there is. To call it a dream or illusion would be missing the point because there is no "Real world" going on out there, external to this, that you are unable to access, or can one day wake up to. Direct experience is incapable of being "unreal". If there is illusion, it merely comes after the fact, in interpretation.

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